Wild Mushrooms on Toast


Supplying some of the country's best chefs has enabled me to have some absolutely stunning meals but my all-time favourite meals is still mushroom's on toast.



Wild mushrooms do not need any special attention they are not in any way complicated just make sure they are clean and cook away!

Firstly, take a hot pan at this point it's really important its dry do not add the oil yet, add the mushrooms and they will rapidly release their natural water content you will be surprised how much liquid is released , continue to cook until the liquid has cooked dry at this point add a small amount of the oil and continue to cook you want to add texture as they naturally caramelise.

When a nice colour is achieved add a liberal amount of butter and wait for a nice foam to appear.

Add the sliced bread strait into the pan let it toast in all the butter and juices from the pan.


Remove the toast and add an amount of cream or creme fresh to your liking, poor the mushrooms and juice over the bread and season with a sprinkling of our seasoned wild garlic salt.


The next bit is easy .... EAT.