Wood Fired Turbot and Baby Russet Potato with Sea Radish Leaf Verde


Jamie Desogus - Harborne Kitchen

Cooking at home for me has to be about simplicity - the Bello at home boxes are the perfect ingredient to bring simple food to life and one step closer to the wild - and restaurant quality fare.

I ordered a day boat box from our fish supplier, Flying Fish who are also providing ‘at home’ offers. They sent a medley of fish caught the night prior and I chose to go with a whole Turbot.

The Turbot needs no introduction, it’s a fish that can’t be beaten for many reasons; except price! I wood fired it as slow as possible and served it whole, little was added except Cornish sea salt and a glug of rapeseed oil. I then placed it over the fire in a fish basket I found in the cellar when we moved into our new house. It wasn’t the correct size but needs must in lock down!    

Cooking it this way complements the fish - the wood I used was cherry, so not too strong, the collagen in the bones and in particular the skirt melted to form the unctuous juiciness that is mostly only associated with slow cooked meats. Brill is a slightly better priced cousin of Turbot and almost as good if not just different.     


Often, at home we have to cook to function as much to taste - we have two small kids who although are not as fussy as some aren’t at a level a Chef is happy about! However, when you have something as beautiful as Turbot to play with getting your 5-a-day can wait! 

Before I cooked the fish I salted and oiled some baby russet potatoes with rapeseed oil and set them cooking early on the BBQ at a heat of about 120 degrees to give us some perfect mini smoked jackets. 

I was lucky enough to receive a coastal box of goodies (Coastal Veg Box) to play with from Chris at Bello - for this dish I used the sea radish leaf to make a verde of sorts. Wonderfully fragrant leaves that taste of young but deep flavoured radish were minced with extra virgin rape seed oil, toasted Almonds, sea salt, white wine vinegar and lemon juice, with a hunk of pre-roasted garlic. I used a lot of lemon juice which helped break down the leaf a little.


Quantities were to taste but as a guide;

  • 2 handfuls of picked and washed sea radish leaf
  • 1 clove pre-roasted garlic
  • 50g lemon juice
  • 20g white wine vinegar
  • 15g Almonds
  • 100g extra virgin rape seed oil

Please note, I tend to measure all ingredients in grams in the kitchen.

Best served in the middle of a hungry pack to devour - make sure to not leave a scrap of bone with any gelatinous flesh!