Pork and Wild Garlic Chinese Dumplings



20/25 wonton wrappers (available at all good Asian supermarkets) 

8cm/3.5" Squares or Rounds

Ingredients for the filling

350g Minced Pork

150g Raw Peeled Prawns 

20 Garlic Leaves finely shredded

4 x Spring Onions finely sliced (reserve a few slithers for the top of the dumplings) 

1 Thumb size pice of Ginger peeled and finally grated

1 x Red Chilli finely chopped, remove seeds if you don’t want them too hot!

1 tsp Salt 

1 tbs Soy sauce 

1.5 tbs Chinese Cooking Wine, Mirin or Dry Sherry 

2 tsp Sugar 

1/4 tsp Fine White Pepper 

Method: Filling

Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Mix vigorously with a spoon or use your hands until it becomes pasty.

This can be made up in advance to marinade but not necessary.

Method: Dumplings 

Form an :O: using your thumb and forefinger 

Place a wonton wrapper over the :O: and put in a heaped teaspoon of the filling and push down into the :O:

Use a butter knife to full up the dumpling and to flatten the top. 

Put each dumpling onto a work surface and push down to flatten base and use fingers to shape into a round. 

Top with a thin slice of reserved spring onion.

Steaming the dumplings 

Line a 30cm/12" bamboo steamer (or stove steamer) with baking paper with a knife or scissors slash some holes in the paper, to let the steam though so the dumplings will cook evenly. see below on how to make 

Put the dumplings into the steamer. 

Fill a pan or wok that the steamer will fit on with out touching the water just needs to be big enough so steamer can sit in it. Just big enough so the steamer literally sits 1 cm / 2/5" from top of rim!

Fill with water and bring to a simmer  over a medium high heat fut the steamer on with the lid and steam for about 8 minus until firm to touch or 75c. 

Remove the steamer from the wok/pan.

Serve straight away with one of our favourite ketchup or sauce!

Wild Garlic Ketchup 

Wild Mushroom Ketchup 

Wild Plum Sauce 

100% perfect for freezing raw! Best to cook from frozen: 11 minutes steaming


Steamer paper liner with holes in it ("perforated paper liner") - required so they don't stick but steam gets through. You can buy from this from Asian supermarkets, but you can also make one too. Fold a sheet of baking/parchment paper in half, quarters, then keep going to form a pointy thin triangle. Line the pointy end in middle of steamer, then cut the end off (this shapes the paper round). On the folded edge of the triangle, snip out tiny triangles, and snip middle off.