Fabulous Fungi


Our next teaming up is with the most amazing Fabulous Fungi and we are offering there oyster mushroom grow kits 

Stefanie, David and Arthur May. The whole family is involved in growing our gourment mushrooms that we hope you love.

Our aspiration is to supply our restaurant and pub clients as well as all those who visit us at the Farmers Market with mycological magic (not to be confused with Magic Mushrooms).

Please do take some time to look at our growing recipes database, shop and blog.

Grow your own grey mushrooms!
Grey oyster mushrooms are the most widely available. They very meaty and juicy, which makes them popular all around mushrooms.
We guarantee at least two flushes of oyster mushrooms, but you my even grow more if the conditions are right  The kit comes with detailed, yet very easy to follow, instruction

he nutrients and nitrogen out of the straw and growing to the point that it is strong enough to produce mushrooms.

In just 5 short steps – and a few short weeks - you will grow oyster mushrooms or otherwise known in Latin as Pleurotus ostreatus.

Step 1: Make a Hole in Your Grow Kit

In the front of your grow kit you will find a pre-indented circle. Use something mildly sharp – such as scissors or knife – to remove it.

Step 2: Cut an X in the Incubated Bag

Mark an ‘X’ (roughly 10 cm x 10 cm) on your incubated mushroom bag and cut across –  but not too deeply.

Step 3: Place in a Shaded Spot and Spray Twice Daily

In order keep the kit from drying out, ensure it is somewhere shaded and not close to a heat source.

Now spray in the hole you made twice a day, but don’t keep the plastic folded back afterwards as it will dry the contents out. Also if you don’t have a sprayer, just lay the box flat and drip in a couple of spoons of water.  Then put the bag upright and back in the shade.

Step 4: Wait for the Mushrooms

Over coming days, small mushrooms – likely in a thick ball – will start to form.  Keep spraying and watch them grow.  Harvest them when the caps flatten out.

Wait for two days to let the bag rest, then …

Step 5: Soak the Bag and Then Restart

Put the bag in a sink, bucket or somewhere it can be submerged overnight.  Then put the bag back in your shaded area and restart.

This process can be repeated 1-2 times, but it is normal that each time it will produce less mushrooms.